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About heART by Branka

The Artist's Journey

This entire thing (all that you see here) is here because I couldn’t bear to toss out perfectly good glass bottles and jars back in 2016 and so, I began repurposing them for personal use.  200 painted bottles and jars later, I realized I could actually paint and gradually began painting on larger surfaces.  It came as a huge surprise that I could actually paint and may have some talent here.  As I began to recognize this, hidden talent, I painted my first large canvas (Sitting Jean Girl – 16” x 20”) in 2020 and I haven’t stopped since. 


My passion for recycling and repurposing extends to canvasses as well.  To date I have painted over 125 pieces of art which are now available and many of the paintings are made on previously loved canvasses and home décor items.  I find it very gratifying knowing there is one less thing in the landfill, and it is being lovingly reused and enjoyed.


I paint a variety of subject mattes such as food, animals, scenery, and people painted in pop-art, modern, contemporary, realism, multi-media, and abstract art styles. You could call me eclectic in what captures my attention, but the most consistent thing about my work is that it is very bright and colourful. I really love using deep, rich, vibrant colours that stand out.  There is nothing subtle about my choice in colour and subject matter.  A really good thing about the art offered here is that if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, just check in regularly as I produce new art regularly and will continue to paint many more subject matters over time.